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Business Valuation & Forensic Accounting Services
“Helping companies navigate complex business and financial opportunities.”
At Dreamrunner Consulting, our mission is to simplify and expedite the complex process of business valuation methods, 409a valuation, shareholder disputes, forensic accounting and fraud examination; and provide business owners with outside CFO services and expert witness services regarding the value of a business or business interest, fraud examination, and/or damage calculation.

This begins by understanding each client’s specific needs and circumstance. Whether solving questions of value, testifying on legal issues before the courts of law, or assisting in decision making impacting both bottom line as well as lifestyle, our goal is to assist people in navigating the valuation, litigation, and accounting processes in a way that is simple, clear, and painless.
Business valuation services being performed by DreamRunner Consulting

Business Valuation

Do you know what your business is worth?

Understanding the complexities of business valuation services can be daunting.
Our business appraisal expertise, business valuation resources, and track record with small business valuation, fosters unwavering confidence in our clients.

Forensic accounting services being performed by DreamRunner Consulting

Forensic Accounting

Is your business a victim of fraud?

With a forensic accountant and CFE (certified fraud examiner) on staff, we perform not only forensic accounting and fraud examination after a fraudulent incident, we also implement preventive forensic accounting services – helping businesses circumvent fraud.

Damage calculation services being performed by DreamRunner Consulting

Damage Calculation

Has someone caused you economic harm?

Economic damages to a business or individual can cause serious problems and lawsuits. You can have confidence in our ability to perform economic damage calculations and in our experience making expert witness appearances.

Accredited Business Valuation
Accredited Senior Appraiser
Certified Fraud Examiner
Certified Public Accountant

“Dreamrunner Consulting got me out of a bind, and caused my business to realize more financial gain than I thought was possible. Talon is professional, knowledgeable, and competent in the realm of financial and business opportunities that are mysterious to the common businessperson.”

Mark S.

Owner, Modern Web, LLC

“Our firm hired Dreamrunner Consulting for a valuation project with a quick turnaround, and the process yielded very impressive results. Talon is a genuine expert in this area. His ability to convey complex data findings into immediately useful information is what separates him from the others.”

Ryan A.

Partner, Primo Capital Group

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