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Business Damages Analysis North Salt Lake, UT

If someone has caused you economic harm, you may be able to sue for compensatory damages for your financial loss. Business damages involve losses and expenses caused by negligence, such as loss of income, medical and rehabilitation expenses, or property damages. These damages made to a business or individual can cause serious harm that may be recovered in part through lawsuits.

Our team has the professional training and experience to perform business damages analysis and testify as an expert witness regarding those damages. We have the expertise to analyze and compute damages from simple cases involving lost earnings to the complex involving destruction or diminution of business value.

Wide variety of damage calculations

Our extensive experience at Dreamrunner Consulting enables us to understand a wide variety of damage calculations, including:

Accounting malpractice: An accounting or auditing error that results in a negative outcome or financial loss.

Antitrust damages: Unlawful conduct causes an injury of the type that antitrust laws were intended to prevent.

Breach of contract: One party in a binding agreement violates or fails to deliver any of the agreed-upon terms and conditions under the contract.

Business interruption: Insurance intended to replace loss income that a business suffers after a disaster, such as a fire or natural disaster.

Commercial damages: Occur in breach-of-contract cases that result in either loss of profits or the reduction in business goodwill or business value.

Construction defects: Deficiency in the construction process that may increase risk of injury, damage to the property, or cause loss of use to the business entity.

Contract disputes: Occurs when one or both parties involved in the agreement disagree about any of the terms and conditions in the agreement; this may include conflicting interpretations or a breach of contract.

Expert witness services: Dreamrunner has qualified experts on staff that have the knowledge, skill, education, experience, and training in a accounting, business valuation and economic damage cases to help the jury or judge understand the evidence in your case.

Financial forensics: Combines investigative skills with financial and accounting auditing skills to detect fraudulent activity.

Litigation support: We can provide assistance to your legal counsel in preparing complex lawsuits during all phases of the litigation process.

Loss of goodwill: Certain negligent acts can cause damage to your company's goodwill with customers or other parties.

Lost opportunities: The loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen, or forced upon a party.

Lost profits: An estimate of the amount of money lost due to nefarious acts.

Medical malpractice: Occurs when a health care professional causes an injury to a patient through an act of negligence.

Partnership disputes: Disputes involving business partnerships.

Personal injury: Injury to a person's body, mind, or emotions because of negligence, wrongful conduct, or carelessness of another person.

Unjust enrichment: When one party unfairly receives a benefit conferred by another party (by chance, accident, or mistake) without receiving restitution as permitted by law.

Wrongful death: Death caused by the negligence or misconduct of another person; a lawsuit allows family members to seek compensation.

Wrongful termination: Occurs when someone is fired for illegal reasons or in a way that breaches an employment contract.

Regardless of your circumstances, we are dedicated and qualified to help you find the right solution and provide timely and accurate information to help you present your case. Since each situation is unique, contact us today to discuss how we can help.