Forensic Accounting north salt lake utah ut

Forensic Accountant North Salt Lake, UT

Forensic accounting combines accounting and investigative techniques to examine the finances of an individual or business to discover fraud and other financial irregularities. With a Certified Fraud Examiner on staff, we have the expertise to investigate and examine complex financial evidence and document and communicate our findings to the courts.

We have extensive experience assisting clients with forensic and investigative accounting matters in a wide variety of settings, including:

  • Asset tracing: Used to locate something of value that has been misappropriated and initiate asset recovery.
  • Business interruption: Insurance coverage that replaces income that is lost in a disaster.
  • Due diligence: Investigations into business operations and financial statements prior to executing a transaction.
  • Expert witness/testimony: Presenting findings using financial evidence as an expert witness in court.
  • Financial statement recreation: Recreating financial statements after discovery of irregularities, missing information or the like.
  • Forensic accounting for divorce: Determination of income and asset values to set alimony and value and divide property.
  • Fraud detection: Recognize signs of fraud.
  • Fraud documentation: Documenting evidence that would support claims of fraud.
  • Fraud prevention: Implementation of financial and internal controls to help prevent fraudulent acts in the first place.
  • Income tracing: Used to locate something of value that has been misappropriated and initiate proper recovery steps.
  • Internal controls consulting: Assistance in implementing procedures within a company to promote accountability and prevent fraud.
  • Litigation support: Analyze complex financial issues throughout all phases of a dispute.
  • Shareholder disputes: Help discover defalcations or other irregularities prior to valuing business interests or preparing damage calculations.
  • Trade secret damages: Analyze lost revenues, costs, and damages influenced by the misappropriation of trade secrets.

After a thorough process of gathering relevant information, we can analyze financial information to help you if something goes wrong, but we can also help you put systems in place ahead of time to prevent fraud from happening in the first place.

Regardless of your circumstances, we have the expertise to help you make critical business decisions. For assistance navigating fraudulent situations, contact us today to discuss how we can help.